Using strong design and tailored, innovative communications plans, we help to build brands so they can engage, communicate and captivate their audiences.
We are passionate about working to move businesses from where they are, to where they want and need to be.




Roar Strategy + Design is all about developing strong and loud brands so they can successfully compete in a market space that is ever changing and unrelenting.

Through strong, original design and innovative, grounded strategy, Roar moves your brand or business from where it is, to where it needs to be to engage, inspire and communicate.


Founded in 2013, ROAR is the result of a dual qualification and a lot of hard work gaining experience in the industry so a premium combined service can be offered to businesses of all sizes.

Specialising in media and communication, public relations, and graphic design, we have tailored our skills to work with a brand through all and any stage it may have to help them grow, develop and engage.


Why? We saw a niche in the market for a studio who can strategise for a brand and follow through with all collateral. We have proved time and time again that this was a wise choice as it makes for a strong, coherent, well rounded result and a successful, uninterrupted job process.

It is a passion that we love sharing; and being with a client from start to finish helps to build a strong relationship and trust that can be hard to develop under usual circumstances.


Walking and talking design and strategy, we are proud to breath passion and knowledge into all jobs, going above and beyond to achieve fantastic results for all clients.

Why so much passion? We want to achieve the satisfaction of watching a brand succeed. We want to know that we have been integral to the growth and development of a market leader and we revel in the gratification of watching a client achieve.




Roar Strategy + Design is all about working with brands so they can stand out, be noticed and be heard in a market space where competition is constantly fierce and unrelenting.  From fresh, unique design to innovative, structured communications, Roar has what any brand needs to be heard. 

It is a place where being loud is encouraged and nurtured, where standing out is an aim, and where being unique is rewarded and revered.

Our services are listed below, however all responses are custom developed for what a brand needs. Please contact me with any questions you may have. 



Graphic Design


Graphic design is all about breaking boundaries and embracing change. We pride ourselves on creative responses and sound design concepts to push branding to a competitive level. We love creating something that is new, exciting and has that WOW factor! 

It is a crowded market place and there are so many brands fighting for consumers’ attention, which is why it is so important for your design to AMAZE!   

It is also important to have a strong, well designed identity as it is presumably always communicating with customers or potential customers, it also helps you stand out from your competition, be recognized and remembered, effectively represent the feel and strength of your organisation and most importantly, it can be instrumental in making the sale.

ROAR's graphics services range from a photoshopped image, to a new business roll out or rebrand with digital collateral. Anything visual you need, ROAR can provide. 

  • Branding/Identity 
  • Printed Collateral
  • Signage 
  • Web Design


Social Media


Social Media is now an absolute must if you want to ensure that your business is not getting left in the dust. 

It is a platform that encourages and nurtures two-way-communications allowing you to form stronger relationships with consumers.

Used successfully it will fuel brand recognition and word of mouth marketing, help mange your reputation, provides instant feedback on marketing strategies, helps with search engine ranking and it is cost effective.

It is a great way to boost your business both economically and brand wise.

ROAR's social media services range from setting up your social media accounts to managing posts and tweets on your behalf. No matter which platform you are after, Roar can develop realistic and achievable plans and strategies that build your brand and meet your goals.  

  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Training 
  • Social Media Content Plans 
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Workshops


Media & Communications


As the digital realm is constantly changing and expanding, there is now an abundance of methods and vehicles to get your message to consumers, but are you utilizing the right ones?

No matter the size of your organisation, you need the right messages and the right tools to communicate if you want to make an impact.

This is where ROAR can help you. Whether it be to analyse your current communications to find strengths or weaknesses or a complete marketing strategy to promote a product or service, we can help you get it right and communicate with the right sort of bang!

ROAR tailors all responses specifically to your needs (whether you know them or not), so please give me a call if you are unsure or if you want to know how I can help you.

  • Communication Audits (Internal and External)
  • Integrated Media Communications Plans
  • Public Relations Activities
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Copywriting


Launch Interactive

An absolute web genius.
Marc from Launch Interactive takes my designs and slices them up and builds them to work seamlessly on all operating systems.

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Sovereign Press

Another great local printer.

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Mojo professional photography

A talented local photographer.

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Online Innovation

It is one thing to have a spunky website, but Dustin from Online Innovation is the man who makes the conversions. Would never build a website without using him for SEO.

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LEP Printers

A bulk printer in Melbourne

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Another great local photographer.

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FRP Printing

I have the perfect little 'local system' at ROAR and Colin from FRP tops it off. Amazing local printer who always realises my vision and delivers flawless print work.

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Impact Digital

A digital printer from Melbourne

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Digital Pacific

A publications printer from Melbourne.

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