Hello my old friend.

How slack is it for a media comms ‘person’ to be crap at keeping on top of her own social media?

Like seriously, I sit down and tell other businesses what TO do and what NOT to do but can’t follow my own advice.

Granted, it is hard to find the time for your own social media when you are managing anywhere between 5 and 10 other businesses pages but that is still NO excuse.

So this is ME declaring war on my own habits.

I WILL write a blog post every single week. And if I don’t? I will allow you to smack me or give me a verbal beat down to keep me on my toes.


What will be the topic for my glorious return to blogging?



I recently spent a day running, flash mobbing, trolleying, pranking, challenge completing and caching around Melbourne. It was a bizarre but completely, amazingly, astronomically fun. And just to give the day a little bit more of an edge, it was a RACE. (And my team WON)

The day was organized and run by a new Melbourne based (but very travel friendly) business called The FG Collective. Now don’t ask me what it means because, fittingly so, it is a mystery.

The FG Collective is an exclusive boutique agency founded in the art of mystery, shrouded in new experiences and most importantly fully invested in their clients pure, unadulterated joy.

They specialize in creating fully customized experiences for just about any occasion you could possibly think of. For hens days, birthdays, gifts, team bonding, work break ups, just ‘because’, and my favouite, for marriage proposal surprises!

I truly must implore you to experience an FG Collective adventure at least once (although they are like skittles, one is never enough).

I myself have a Speakeasy Mystery Dinner to look forward to. I don’t know much but apparently I may have to eat with my hands if I don’t decipher the clues correctly.

AND I have a 3-day mystery weekend booked in for November. Again, I can’t really tell you much about it because I have absolutely no idea where I am going, how I am getting there, what activities we will be undoubtedly forced to complete to get our directions and what I am even supposed to pack!  

But stay tuned, because I will be able to reveal all once successfully completed (I figure myself for a young Sherlock, no mystery too big).

Clearly, I am FG Collective addicted.

You should definitely contact Eliesha for more details. She is genius.
Her email is

Peace out.


Social Media.. Why?


Why should small businesses use social media marketing

Social media is becoming more and more of a necessity each day for any sized business. Why? Because it is where your consumers are.

I am hoping you have all heard at least a snippet about this newish social media marketing revolution (if you haven’t I am severely worried about you living under a rock). Many companies, large and small, are using social media platforms to promote their products and services, and most importantly, they using social media to form lasting, two-way relationships with their consumers. This is resulting is solid communication channels which in turn, is building stronger and larger businesses.

So don’t get left behind! OR if you have started to dabble in the bottomless pit of social medias, get some professional advice and training to ensure you are doing it right and not alienating your customers/consumers/followers/friends etc.

Here are a few very compelling reasons why social media can work for you.

You want your brand to be easily recognisable for your products or services. Social Media can reach an audience, targeted by you, to get your image out there.

Word of mouth marketing:
Exposure is key in all your marketing activities. Word of mouth may not generate business but it increases your brands exposure that then boosts brand recognition. Social media is about being social and engaging.

Reputational management:
Social media is great for keeping an eye on what other people are saying about you. It also gives you the opportunity to directly respond to either positive or negative feedback.

Finding out what does and doesn’t work:
Social media gives you a chance to look at your previous engagement to find out what has worked and what hasn’t. This gives you the opportunity to review and tailor your content.

Being cost-effective:
It is a cost effecting marketing tool and run correctly shouldn’t cost a businesses near as much as traditional marketing vehicles. However, it will cost you time! It is an investment that will give what it gets.

But most importantly, as I mentioned in the very first sentence, it is where your consumers are so you would be mad not to use this platform for marketing your business. 

For social media training, advice, content plans or strategies, give ROAR a call now 0447820727.

Have a look at the video below. It explains it all.