The beauty of good packaging

Do you ever find yourself buying something just because the packaging looks so damn good?

With 70% of your purchase decision being made at point of purchase, I would be surprised if you said no.

As a brand, neglecting the importance of a well-designed package will see you losing both potential and loyal customers. Why?

Think about how visual our world has become.

  • The good majority of us sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day on pretty computers that show us pretty pictures through an uncountable amount of platforms on the world wide web.
  • We look down at our pretty smartphones that are also showing us pretty pictures; especially on all the visual social mediums (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr et cetera et cetera).
  • We drive around looking at the lovely billboards and shop fronts/displays.
  • We get home and we are either reading a magazine filled to the brim with pretty and interesting things, or we are watching TV with an abundance of options about which pretty channel you want to watch.

And that is only the beginning!

All of these things train our brain to expect and WANT good design. And it is just plain nice to have something that is pleasing to look at. It evokes emotion, forms connections and inspires.

It also helps that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

So when a person walks into a supermarket or store, of course they are going to pick up the aesthetically pleasing item. And why wouldn’t they? Why should it be any less lovely in their pantries, shelves, homes, offices etc etc?

So brands listen up; customers will most certainly judge a product by its packaging before buying so you MUST make sure of the following:

  • Your brands packaging must positively distinguish that brand from both direct and indirect competitors.
  • It must ALWAYS stay relevant and to do that it may need revamping from time to time. So don't be scared to let your designer have their way with it.
  • And it must always fit neatly into the brands marketing communications. This will help with brand recognition. So when your designer is doing their thing, have a marketing person collaborate.

With all that said; enjoy some pretty packages that have had me swooning and spending money.

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