A logo is to a business, what your face is to you. 

It is how you are recognised. It reflects your personality, your values and principles and is the most powerful marketing tool known. Simply, it establishes your identity.
However, that being said, having just any logo will not do. A badly designed and thought out logo can destroy any chance your business has of getting or maintaining any position in your industries market. On the other hand, a carefully planned and strong, innovative designed logo can move your brand into the consumers eye and can communicate your brands position, unique offerings and values. 

Here at ROAR Strategy + Design, we don't just develop you a logo that looks great, we use our extensive background in media and communications and marketing to research, develop and combine aspects such as your competitors, the marketplace, your unique mission, your target public and more to ensure that your new logo will represent your company in it's entirety. This process, along with innovative and creative design ensures you have a logo that stands out, looks fantastic and will last your business a lifetime. 

Please see below for logo designs that have been created for ROAR clients. 



We take pride in our processes with any potential clients and work hard to ensure it is seamless, fast and easy.

  1. We meet with the potential client (face-to-face or via video chat) to confirm everything they are looking to achieve with their new brand, and to also learn about the company.
  2. We then supply a custom estimate to for three logo concepts that are completely different from each other to give the client a broad spectrum of possibilities. 
  3. If the estimate has been accepted, we start researching competitors, the market, demographics, direction, business plans, styles and more to ensure we are completely informed when it comes to starting the design.
  4. Design of a new logo generally takes between 5-10 working days depending on the complexity of the design.
  5. After design is completed, we supply the three concepts to the client in a proposal with the inspiration and thought process for each concept documented.
  6. Changes can then be made to any of the concepts free of charge (within reason).
  7. Final completed logo is then supplied to client in all formats (EPS, AI, PDF, JPG).

All estimates, once approved require a 50% deposit for work to commence.