I really enjoyed today’s session with Lucy talking through the importance of social media and having an online presence. There were a lot of things that were discussed that I didn’t know and had never really thought about until today, I think a lot of really good ideas came from it and allowed us to brainstorm some content that we can utilise for 123/VVV/CEA socials.
— 123 Agency
Lucy was a really confident & natural speaker, really engaging and easy to follow. I think the takeaways from today if actioned properly will be really beneficial for us.
— Jana Reed, 123 MEG.
It was such a great learning experience! Lucy was very insightful about the use and the influences of social media. It was eye-opening to see how much time & efforts people put behind the posts and the skills required to make good content. I also enjoyed the strategic planning part of the session where Lucy showed us how to build and to know our audience, and to set up a consistent business personality. I will definitely revisit the booklets and set up a social media planning session for VVV soon! Thanks Lucy!
— AJ Li, VVV Management