ROAR Strategy + Design is now hosting Social Media Workshops followed by optional one-on-one mentoring. 

The workshop is designed to introduce various popular social media platforms and educate on the best way to utilise their strengths to benefit your business. 

We are in a digital age and as a business owners, it is up to you to utilise the tools around you to increase brand recognition and grow your company. 

Please read below for more information. To book your spot in the next available workshop, please call 0447 820 727 or email

Next Workshop - 5th of December (Fri)

The next workshop will be held on Friday the 23rd of May
9:30am - 12:30pm

ROAR Strategy + Design Office

317 Learmonth Street Buninyong 

$180 per person/business - $15 for extra attendee under same business

Please contact me on 0447820727 or
to book or if you would like more information


The workshop runs for three hours which includes a short 15 minute break to have a coffee and a snack (this gives your brain a break from all the information I am trying to pack in).

It begins with an overall introduction to the various social media platforms, (focusing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and Blogs) and why each is important and useful in its own right and their possible benefits to your business.

Throughout the workshop, we will go into each in more depth, looking at specific features of each and their different strengths and weaknesses.

We will also spend quite a chunk of the workshop talking about the content you would use on the platforms and the frequency in which you would use it.

I try to make the workshop as interactive and fun as possible, which isn't hard as social media is fun! It is based around conversation and brainstorming so no two sessions will be alike. 





The Social Media Workshop aims to educate you in HOW social media can help grow your business an increase brand recognition.

It is so much more than just creating a Facebook Page and sitting back and waiting for the work to roll in. It is a serious investment that needs to be planned and thought about as carefully as any other marketing activity.

This workshop is all about starting those conversations, sparking those ideas and giving you the right tools to make an informed decision about your digital vehicles and online presence.

It is about giving you the right knowledge to successfully tackle and utilise the ever growing and ever changing world of social media. 

The workshop is a way to eliminate the 'miss' and go straight for the 'hit'. It will give you confidence to communicate and form relationships with consumers that is unachievable in any other way. 

It is about being proactive and going out to work for your success. 


Following the the workshop, I strongly recommend a following three hours of one-on-one mentoring. This can be done in one continuous session or in two parts. 

This session takes what we have discussed and learnt in the workshop and tailors it for your specific needs.

This could be creating the required social media pages from scratch and going through some comprehensive training on how to use them. Or it could be working on a social media content plan to maximise your consumer engagement.

The one-on-one mentoring can also be used to develop and implement social media promotions. This could be a Facebook competition or an Instagram photo competition. 

The mentoring session is aimed to further train you to use social media in a way that can be truly beneficial and instrumental in brand growth. 

Whatever you needs are, your time with ROAR will be spent accordingly.


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